• 11:45:46 am on July 28, 2008 | 2
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    I went to a couple of grocery stores over the weekend looking for bread that was stone ground and less than 15 carbs per slice. No luck. I did however find a Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain 15 Grain Small Slice bread that has 13 grams of carbs per slice! It is very tasty and makes it easy to come up with a quick meal. I don’t even notice that the slice is smaller.

    My wife found a bread that is made from brown rice, so I am interested in checking that out.



  • mschicamae 5:06 pm on September 25, 2008 | # | Reply

    I know this is an old post, but I’v ebeen eating the Healthy Life Whole Grain bread w/Flaxseed, only 17g of carbs for 2 SLICES! Plus those 2 slices have 5gm of fiber so it’s really only like 12g for 2 slices. It doesn’t even taste that bad.

  • diabetestribe 11:01 pm on September 25, 2008 | # | Reply

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to look for that.

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