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    I live in the Deep South, USA. We have a cultural diet that is not conducive to reducing your chances for diabetes. Fried food is the order of the day, and a lot of otherwise healthy vegetables are almost always seasoned with salty pork products. Tea here is always sweet and iced (although strangely I’ve never been a fan). Barbeque is often covered with brown sugar-flavored sauces. What’s a southern diabetic to do?

    My thoughts as a total non expert:

    First, you can peel off the skin off the fried meats – but get baked alternatives. You can use rosemary (just about my favorite seasoning) to give it a lot of flavor. Fried turkey usually has a lot of meat that was nowhere near the oil, but is just as juicy and tasty. Vegetables will still taste good if you leave off the fatty seasonings, it may be an acquired taste, but hang in there and you can get used to it.
    Use Splenda in your sweet tea instead of sugar, or add it to unsweetened tea. For barbeque, learn to love mustard-based sauces (aka “yellow sauce”). They are a lot more healthy than the carb-laden “red sauce”.

    Now all we need is a diabetic-friendly Moon Pie.


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