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    There is a new way to evaluate the quality and healthiness of food, it’s called the ONQI (Overall Nutritional Quality Index).

    From the site:

    The NuVal(tm) Nutritional Scoring System, exclusively using the ONQI algorithm, is being adopted by major U.S. grocery chains, starting this fall. Check out this site in September to see when and where.
    What is the ONQI?

    ONQIThe Overall Nutritional Quality Index (ONQI) is analgorithm designed to generate a single, summative score for the “overall nutritional quality” of a food based on itsmicronutrient and macronutrient composition and several other of its nutritional properties (e.g., energy density). The ONQI is further designed to stratify foods into a rank order of relative nutritiousness both universally (i.e., across all food categories) and within specific food categories (e.g., breads, cereals, frozen desserts, etc.), while avoiding the characterization of any food as “good” or “bad” in absolute terms.

    The ONQI enables the “average shopper” to choose foods on the basis of overall nutritional quality with the ease and fidelity of top nutrition experts.

    It is designed to have applications at point of purchase in retail supermarkets, on food packaging, in restaurants, in
    print materials (e.g., books, periodicals), and on-line.

    Some sample rankings

    I don’t know how this will affect the choices diabetics make when selecting food, but I figure you will be seeing it eventually so I thought I’d tell you about it.



  • Lee Ann 12:42 am on August 8, 2008 | # | Reply

    This is the first I’m seeing this. I don’t see this having a significant impact on the choices I make since I prefer to see exactly what’s on the nutrition label and take each component into consideration, but as someone who works with children and families, I can see myself recommending to families that they use it to choose healthier foods when they shop.

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