• 10:25:28 am on September 3, 2008 | 0
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    Well, yesterday was a very frustrating day in general. Nothing seemed to go right or be working the way it was supposed to at work, and I got a rude email from a fellow frustrated coworker, which put me in a right foul mood. I don’t see myself going out of my way to talk to him anytime soon.

    The doctor’s office was supposed to call in my metformin refill last week, I checked all the pharmacies I ever use because the pharmacy I told them to use didn’t have it, so I thought maybe they called it in to a different one and no one had heard or seen my refill. Finally the pharmacy I have decided to use all the time now because I don’t want to have to wonder where a prescription was called in is on the other line with the doctor’s office, taking my called in prescription. I ask them about my lancets and strips for my new meter, and they say they will be in this afternoon, so I decide to go pick everything up yesterday afternoon.

    I go pick my stuff up, they only have six of my metformin. So I will have to go back later this week to get the rest of it. Then I get home, they sent the wrong lancets and the test strips weren’t in the bag at all. I call them back, “We didn’t get the strips in today like we thought we would. Try again tomorrow.” I’ll come back when I run out of metformin, hopefully it will be in by then.

    Today some of the technical issues have been improved. I will try to get a haircut.
    I hope today finishes better than yesterday.


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