I bought the Joslin Guide to Diabetes, 2nd Edition. It was published in 2005. The Joslin Diabetes Center is the oldest diabetes research facility in the United States, and they are affiliated with Harvard University . From their website:

Joslin Diabetes Center’s Mission and Vision

Since its founding in 1898, Joslin Diabetes Center has constantly evolved to meet the ever-changing challenges of diabetes. Joslin Diabetes Center is an institution on the front lines of the world epidemic of diabetes, leading the battle to conquer diabetes in all of its forms through cutting-edge research and innovative approaches to clinical care and education.
Every person at Joslin is dedicated to realizing our vision of a world without diabetes and its complications. We will achieve this vision through a relentless pursuit of our stated mission:

To improve the lives of people with diabetes and its complications through innovative care, education, and research that will lead to prevention and cure of the disease.

I saw the book and took a look through it and figured they had a lot to teach me about the disease, so I started reading it. It is fairly easy to read, and it definitely holds my interest, although this comes from a newly diagnosed person. I am a few chapters in and when I finish it, I will post a review here.