Hi. I am new to the world of diabetes. I was diagnosed on July 1st, 2008 with Type 2 diabetes. So here begins my story.

A couple of months ago some family members and I were taking a family trip down to Florida. When we got there, I had the sudden urge to urinate, and I insisted that we stop somewhere so I could use the bathroom. I almost didn’t make it. I thought, “That was strange.”, but I didn’t really think more about it.

Slowly but surely I started to get thirstier and thirstier, and I had to pee more and more often. On another trip to the Northeast, it was all I could do to wait two hours between stops. I am sure I was really annoying my traveling partners, and I felt guilty about it.

I really started to lose energy. I’ve never had an abundance of energy, but I was really dragging. I also had an infection that didn’t seem to want to heal. Finally I had enough. I arranged to see a doctor, but the first appointment he had available was the day I started jury duty. So I went to see him the next week.

I was so hoping I didn’t get chosen for jury duty because it would be so hard to sit in that box and have to wait to go to the bathroom.

I went to the doctor, and low and behold I had a blood sugar of 436. When I told my mother about this, also a Type 2 diabetic, she said “Son, I can’t believe you haven’t went blind!” That really inspired confidence.

The doctor scheduled me to have blood tests the next morning, and a nurse brought me a meter (a Bayer Breeze) and showed me how to use it. He also put me on Amaryl, 4mg a day.

It was so nice not to have to pee and not to be thirsty all the time. I made up my mind then and there that I would never again drink a sugary soda, and I would try my best to get my blood sugar down as soon as possible.

It hasn’t been easy, I had a hard time at first getting my blood draw right, which I am now able to do thanks to some wonderful advice from a Type 1 friend. I was told that there would be doughnuts at a meeting I had to attend. I brought peanuts and a bottle of water. I’m taking the diabetes classes my doctor set up for me.

Now, my blood sugar has averaged 120 over the last seven days, and I feel a lot better. My infection has gone away, and I have more, but not enough in my mind, energy. I am still working on finding a time/place for exercise.

I’m going to share here my experiences and hopefully learn along the way, and perhaps help someone else.

I wasn’t planning on going on this ride but I guess we’ll see where it takes me.