Let me say that before my diagnosis I was a huge fan of Dr. Pepper and the occasional Sprite. They are dead to me now, and I don’t like either of their diet versions. I also went through the caffeine headaches so I don’t want to get back on that train.

Here are some of the drinks I am liking now:

-Cold water – I am slowly trying to learn to enjoy water that isn’t ice cold, but it will take time
(When I drink it I often think of that song “People in hell want ice water”)
-Sierra Mist Free – No aftertaste, a must for me to enjoy a drink
-SoBe® Lean® Diet Cranberry Grapefruit – I get this at Quizno’s, very tasty and sweetened with Splenda
-Chick-fil-a Diet Lemonade – also sweetened with Splenda