I joined up with MedicAlert®, and I got a bracelet and a dog tag . Why two items? I don’t know, I felt like it was a good idea. If you haven’t heard of MedicAlert®, this is what they do, from their website:

Instant Identification
Your Membership number shown on your emblem enables you to be identified by emergency responders by a simple phone call to our 24-Hour Emergency Response Center.
24-Hour Emergency Response
MedicAlert relays your key medical facts to emergency responders, so you receive faster, safer treatment for your medical conditions, and avoid harmful or fatal reactions.
Family Notification
MedicAlert calls your family contacts and notifies them of your situation, so you won’t be alone in an emergency

I just feel better knowing that if something happens to me, and I can’t talk for myself, the fact that I have diabetes will be readily known by whoever is treating me. They will easily be able to contact my doctor and my family.