A few days ago I told you about a new iPhone app called Diamedic. I’d like to share my thoughts on the application with you.

I like this application. It lets me enter in my previous readings, and since I was diagnosed on July 1st, that’s all my readings. The way you enter in the readings is by using the iPhone scrollers to enter in the date and time, then put in your reading, then enter the event (i.e. Before Breakfast, After Dinner, etc.) Once you have your older readings in the program, if you go there right after you take a reading – the current time will be automatically there for you.

I like the scrollers because I find it less taxing on my fingers than typing in the date and time manually, and when you are pricking your finger every day anything that can make it less painful is a bonus. Once you get your old data in, assuming you keep updating Diamedic on a regular basis you won’t have very far to scroll back. The default setting for time entry is in intervals of 15 minutes which saves on database space. If you want to change it to allow more precise (intervals of one minute) this is easily changed in the settings.

The application has a chart that graphs your blood glucose readings, which can really show you visually how you are doing. There is a stats page that gives you your 30 day average, your max hi and max low over that time frame.

There is an insulin dose part of the application that I did not get to test because I am not taking insulin. I’d like to hear what someone who is using insulin thinks of that part of the application.

Overall, I like it very much and it is so much nicer to be able to keep track of my readings history with something I am already carrying with me each day as opposed to a log book.