About a week into my diabetes, I was searching the web for a site that would allow me to track my blood sugar. I found SugarStats. This wonderful site will let you easily track your blood sugar and your medications for free. For $8.95 a month you can also track your food and exercise. I really like that when you go to enter your info it puts in the current time, so all you have to do is click it back to the time your event happened and go. I’m still on the free plan for now but I really like it. You can also share the information with family, friends or your diabetes care team using the TrustedVue system. The site even works with the iPhone, of course I have to zoom in and hold it sideways.

It lets you set your glucose range – in range results appear in blue, out of range in red, and here’s my only complaint. It only allows for one range. I would like it if you could set a range for before eating and a different range for two hours after eating, since the American Diabetes Association recommends a blood sugar range of 80-120 before eating and less than 180 two hours after eating. It might be hard to code, I don’t know, but I’d like it. Perhaps you could just have two ranges and could use a radio button to check which one you’d like to apply to your entry. Overall though, this is a minor complaint and I really like the site.